When the value of your investment property does not matter. Value Versus Replacement Cost How does the value of your investment property not matter? This might be true, if you paid...

Knowledge Is Power Investing in yourself and your knowledge base is one of the most valuable investments you can make.  So, familiarizing yourself with insurance terms, like fair market value, will...

What is coinsurance (and why is it important)?  It seems the term is the insurance version of to, too, and two. Coinsurance is the same term, but it means
Insuring Your Vacant Properties is essential. One of the recurring comments I hear from potential clients when discussing their insurance coverage for vacant properties is,
Understanding: Named vs. Additional Insured, Insurance language can be complicated. Policies contain words and phrases that can confuse. Some people don’t read their policy and may not know 
You just acquired your first Fix and Flip property. You are ready to begin your adventure becoming the next. You’ve lined up contractors to do the work you aren’t able to do yourself.
The difference between actual cash value vs replacement cost value can be confusing. Policies can sometimes be difficult to understand, we all know that. ACV, RCV, what does it all
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