Real Estate Investor Tips

Real Estate Investor Tip

Real Estate Investor Tips

Real Estate Investors are our clients, so we are constantly keeping our eye on ways to make their business more efficient and profitable. One of those Real estate investor tips came from Neighbor Who in their article, “How to Find Bank Owned Properties.”

Tips from Neighbor Who

“It’s true that bank-owned properties can be a great value if you know how to look for one. But first, you’ve got to know how to find bank owned homes. And once you do, it helps to understand the process, which differs slightly from a traditional real estate transaction.”

Diving Deeper -Bank Owned Properties

>What is bank-owned properties
>Advantage of bank-owned properties
>Drawbacks of these properties
>How to find them
>How to buy a bank owned foreclosure

Insuring Your Bank Purchased Property

Of course, once you are looking at purchasing a bank owned property as an investment, it is essential to protect that investment. The experts at APIA protects have compiled several articles surrounding protecting that investment and what to look for in a property investment insurance company. And when one investment becomes many, you want an property investment insurance company that streamlines your policies into one manageable policy covering what you need.

APIA 100 Years of Combined Experience

At APIA, we offer a variety of different coverage; whether you need REO property insurance, rental property insurance or vacation property insurance. Our company was founded in 2001, but we have over 100 years of combined experience to help serve property investors.

For more Real Estate Investor Tips, check out APIA’s Property Investor blog page.

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