Asset Protection Insurance For Investors

Protecting your assets and property should emerge as an important concern today. The catch rests with having a comprehensive insurance coverage catering to all your needs and interests in place.
Rest your worries with Asset Protection Insurance Agency and you will get to enjoy the best coverage of your needs. We specialize in offering insurance coverage for servicers, mortgage companies, property investors, and financial institutions.
Where APIA Cuts the Edge?
APIA scores in the market for more than one reason. The key to success rests with service benefits like ' one policy for entire portfolio' and ' monthly payment of premiums at zero interest'.
Find a coverage for your needs and live in peace.

Our forms library provides you numerous tools that are helpful in completing your insurance tasks.

Enjoy short articles on issues concerning investors today. APIA prides itself on having the heart of a teacher and we hope that you find value in these readings.

In this section you will find helpful answers to some of the most common questions you may have.

This section allows us to show agents the step-by-step process they can use to provide their real estate investor clients with smooth, hassle-free service and a top rated insurance product.

When it comes to protecting your property investments, you want the very best insurance coverage, one that anticipates your every need in any given situation. 

At APIA, we specialize in insurance coverage for property investors, servicers, financial institutions and mortage companies. Standard Insurance companies also turn to us for our services. 

APIA Offers

  • Monthly premium payment with no interest
  • One policy for entire portfolio

Insurance Coverage for

  • Physical hazard & premises liability
  • Vacant or occupied properties
  • Rehab properties
  • Residential or Commercial 
  • Rental and loss of rents
  • Vacation rentals