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Coastal Real Estate Investor Portfolio Insurance
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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Who We Are

APIA INC. is a well known leader in underwriting and servicing specialty insurance for property owners and real estate investors throughout the U.S. Our relationships with top international insurance carriers coupled with creative coverage solutions give our clients peace of mind knowing they are protected by the best.

As a company, our mission is to put the human touch back into business. We do this through each and every interaction, providing exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, promptness in delivering important documents, and responding to questions and concerns. We have the flexibility to meet the unique demands of brokers, property owners and investors.

Call us for inquiry : Monday to Friday : 9 am – 4 pm

APIA Numbers that matter, we have been in all 50 states since 2001

Proven Success

Why APIA Is An Industry Leader

APIA’s success is built on our ability to quickly and expertly underwrite risks and design a tailored solution to protect properties and portfolios with your bottom line in mind.

  • Skilled team who value personal interactions
  • Agile by design
  • Creative solutions
Speed often wins the day. APIA works quickly to get what you need quickly.

What Our Customers Say

“Working with the team at APIA is always a pleasure! They are knowledgeable and responsive, which makes them a go to partner for our rental & investment schedules. On a class of business that can bog you down with change requests and endorsements, APIA’s offerings make the process seamless.”
Conner Patterson, AMWIN - Vice President
“Really enjoy working with APIA because of the responsiveness.  I’ve never gone more than a few hours without a response so its very much appreciated.  I also never have an issue getting someone on the phone in an urgent situation.  I give APIA every opportunity I get with their appetite.”
Ryan B. Short, Burns & Wilcox- Senior Underwriter, Commercial Insurance
“As a user of APIA, I have been working with Jason and his group over the last years with great success and happiness. Their desire to assist with placing small to large habitational schedules in this hard market is unparallel. Following their format on the excel schedule of values and upfront underwriting questions makes placing terms easy , quickly and competitively.”
Brett Freeze, River Valley Underwriters, Inc. - Underwriter
“APIA has been very responsive in this crazy marketplace as of late. They have provided me with solutions for large dwelling schedules that other carriers were not able to consider. They are a great carrier partner and help alleviate the pressure of having to find homes for hard to place accounts in the current marketplace.”
Jonathan M. Maertens, Burns & Wilcox - Underwriter, Commercial Insurance

“APIA continues to be an asset with their expertise in the market place, convenient service and providing a product that is easily sold. I enjoy working with APIA and look forward to our continued success.”

Jessica L. O'Rear, Burns & Wilcox- Senior Underwriter, Commercial Insurance
“My experience with APIA has been nothing but positive! They have been a true partner of mine and always willing to pick up the phone and discuss terms with me & my team. Dwelling schedules are a tough business and I truly appreciate working with an underwriting team that wants to find ways to win accounts!”
Meredith H. Berner, Hull & Company, LLC - Broker Regional Binding Leader - MidAtlantic

The APIA product allows me to offer my clients competitive rates, robust coverage forms, and billing flexibility all in one. APIA is dedicated to their clients’ service needs and out executes their competition every time.

Lucas Bacon, RT Specialty - Branch Manager

“I have been extremely impressed with the knowledge responsiveness and ease of working with APIA’s underwriters, Evelyn in particular.  She has made the placement of targeted accounts easy and seamless.  They are highly recommended!”

Michael Coelho, AmWINS of The Midwest - Vice President

APIA has been a great partner for us and our SFD real estate investor clients.  Their ease of doing business paired with a solid combination of terms and conditions has led to multiple wins.

Craig Russell, AmWINS Brokerage - Senior Vice President

APIA has been a wonderful partner for our real-estate investor clients. They are extremely friendly, easy to get on the phone to chat about terms and targets and very efficient. Our insureds enjoy the ease of monthly reporting. We look forward to placing more business in the near future.”

Christina Ridenour, AmWINS Brokerage - Associate Broker

We write a large residential account with APIA across multiple states. We, unfortunately, had to turn in a claim on one of the homes, and the insured was extremely enthused with both the speed in which the claim was handled and the check was cut as well as the payout amount they received. When it comes to being an insurance carrier, there is no better feeling than knowing the carrier is going to take care of the clients quickly and to the clients’ satisfaction. APIA does that. The team of underwriters/ support staff is the quickest responding of any carrier I work with and are the easiest to work with. From a brokerage perspective, we can’t ask for anything more

Taylor Fritz, RT Specialty - Associate Broker

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