Coastal Insurance Program

APIA Coastal Real Estate Investor program

APIA provides Coastal Insurance coverage for investors. Rain or shine, we save you time and improve cash flow.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Monthly reporting and billing to minimize
    the impact on cash flow
  • Only pay for the exact days the property
    is on the policy


  • Fast quotes
  • Easily add or remove properties on your
    policy at any time, with a quick email
  • No pictures or appraisals required.
  • Automatic coverage for purchased.
    properties (must report within 60 days)

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  • We are an industry leader in providing
    comprehensive, affordable coverage and
    superior service to investors.
  • We only
    specialize in this product, so we know this!
    business inside and out.
  • World-class claims handling
  • Program serviced by certified insurance counselors (CIC)

What is Coastal Property Insurance?

Coastal Property Insurance Programs combine several types of property insurance necessary to protect real estate investment properties as well as standard homes, condos, etc. The difference is these properties share unique risks due to their closeness to shoreline. 

Standard insurance policies normally exclude losses due to hurricanes and flooding, in high-risk areas. These are places where the potential losses are extreme compared to inland property risks.

As a real estate investor, protecting your properties is essential to protecting your investments.  If your investment properties are near the coast, understanding what your policy will and won’t cover is paramount.

Recent weather disasters and the increased number and strength of winds and hurricanes seem to be on the rise. Talk to our agents about Coastal Property Insurance for your investment properties.

coastal real estate protection


  • Five or more Tier 1/Tier 2 single family homes
  • One policy, one expiration
  • Choice of deductible options
  • Vacant or occupied properties can be covered
  • Renovation rehabilitation covered
  • Loss of rent coverage available
  • Covers windstorm, fire, hail, vandalism & malicious mischief
  • No coinsurnace penalty

Still have questions? Ask us about our Inland Inventor Program.

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