1. I understand this policy provides coverage for manufactured and mobile homes and must be listed as such for coverage to be in place. Please be advised that rates for manufactured and mobile homes are higher. I understand that this policy excludes pollution, contamination, and seepage coverage.
  2. I understand that physical and security inspections are required monthly for vacant properties and that I must keep these records for verification in the event of a claim.
  3. I understand that vacant properties must be secured but not boarded up.
  4. I understand that grass must be mowed; ice and snow removed; loose handrails, entryways, and sidewalks must be fixed upon discovery.
  5. I understand that doors and windows must be locked and that doors or windows cannot be broken.
  6. I understand that properties must be properly winterized including, but not limited to, having the heat remain on and pipes drained.
  7. I understand that a property management company, owner, or trained professional is authorized to complete inspections.
  8. I understand that this insurance provides single interest to only the named insured. The information that is provided on this application is true and factual and without material misrepresentation.
  9. I understand that material misrepresentation or omission will invalidate the coverage.
  10. I understand that it is my responsibility to read and comprehend the contents of this application and any subsequent policies.
  11. I understand that this application is not a policy of insurance and no coverage, temporary or otherwise, is provided upon submission.
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