REAL ESTATE INVESTORS MONTHLY PROPERTY REPORTING. Hopefully, by now you have learned that you can put all your properties under one policy with APIA, which saves you time and money.
Insuring Your Vacant Properties is essential. One of the recurring comments I hear from potential clients when discussing their insurance coverage for vacant properties is,
Understanding: Named vs. Additional Insured, Insurance language can be complicated. Policies contain words and phrases that can confuse. Some people don’t read their policy and may not know 
When you’ve left one of your investment properties unoccupied, it’s imperative that you ensure the property has sufficient insurance coverage by purchasing Unoccupied Home Insurance.
property management, real estate property management insurance, REO InsuranceOwning a second home or multiple homes can be a great luxury. But, whether the properties are non-owner occupied (rented) or vacant, REO insurance is a necessity for one’s investment properties and the process of insuring these homes can introduce many challenges. One should never assume his primary homeowner’s insurance policy will allow for additional homes, because generally it won’t as there are usually vacancy clauses in the homeowner’s policy. An investor can navigate the choppy waters of owning multiple properties by following these survival tips.

When it comes to insurance, choose quality over quantity Insurance is meant to protect you, your belongings as well as your business. Shouldn’t your main concern be what is and is...

Learn more about Asset Protection Insurance Associates Asset Protection Insurance Associates shares information on who they are, what they specialize in and how their insurance is unique. ...

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