Investment property insurance

Real Estate Investor Insurance vs. Renter’s Insurance While it is very easy to get confused with insurance nomenclature, the differences between Renter’s Insurance and Real Estate Investor Insurance are quite easy to explain. Renter’s Insurance Renter’s Insurance is specifically designed to protect tenants...

REAL ESTATE INVESTORS MONTHLY PROPERTY REPORTING. Hopefully, by now you have learned that you can put all your properties under one policy with APIA, which saves you time and money.
Real Estate Investing Outperforming the Stock Market Recent news headlines grabbed investor’s attention lately giving evidence as to the benefit of real estate investment over stocks.
Insuring Your Vacant Properties is essential. One of the recurring comments I hear from potential clients when discussing their insurance coverage for vacant properties is,
You just acquired your first Fix and Flip property. You are ready to begin your adventure becoming the next. You’ve lined up contractors to do the work you aren’t able to do yourself.
What is vacant home insurance? It is one of many types of insurance policies.  Each of these policies has coverage for that specific policy type such as an automobile, home,
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