“Our vision is to be different and put the human touch back into business,” says  Shannon DeLaune, President of APIA.

APIA built a custom insurance programs for real estate investors, which gives them back time and money so they can focus on managing and growing their own business. However, that is only part of the story. “We are in the business of making sure that every single interaction matters.  Our company and everyone who comes to work here, truly have a heart for people,” states DeLaune.

While insurance companies proudly push customers toward technology and away from human interaction, APIA  continues to do it differently and leverage their technology and expertise to allow them to have MORE personal interactions with their clients.

DeLaune concludes by saying, “I am passionate about one goal, and that is every time we interact with a client they think to themselves, ‘THAT’S WHY,’  that’s why I do business with APIA!”

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Shannon DeLaune, President APIA

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