Asset Protection Insurance Associates, Inc. is an investor-friendly insurance company. We offer Multiple Property Insurance coverages under one policy. Based outside of San Antonio, TX, APIA was founded in 2001.  We began by offering vacant property insurance and distressed property insurance to only financial institutions. Service was then expanded to include real estate property investor insurance, which covers vacant, occupied, and insurance for multiple property investments.

investor insurance family owned
APIA President, Shannon DeLaune, and his family

APIA, Inc. focuses on insuring your real estate investment, rental, vacation, and REO property. We specialize in administering this type of policy only. And because of this increased emphasis and concentration on your overall risk management objective, we have excelled. With over 100 years of combined experience, we work hard to provide exceptional service for our clients!

We underwrite business in all 50 states. Our clients are able to have a single policy, with a single premium, and a single renewal date for their real estate investment properties. No more having a policy for each property. This consolidated and efficient approach to your real estate portfolio allows you to better focus on growing your business and increasing your profits.

Our certified counselors and staff are available to answer your policy questions.  We enjoy sharing our knowledge with you. And as a client you will have access to unprecedented experience and expertise!

Take a look at our investor policy coverage and call us at (877) 752-2742.  

Let’s secure your multiple property investments under one policy, today!

APIA Protects is active on social media. Follow us on Facebook to see more of our reviews and tips for multiple property investors. And on Instagram. Interested in learning more about landlord insurance, vacant property issues and whether it costs more to insure a rental property?  Head over to our blog.

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