Fix and Flip: Doing It Right the First Time

protect yourself during property flip

Fix and Flip: Doing It Right the First Time

You just acquired your first Fix and Flip property. You are ready to begin your adventure becoming the next. You’ve lined up contractors to do the work you aren’t able to do yourself. You know the area you will focus on to buy and sell homes. You have a marketing plan to get the house sold quickly.  What have you forgotten?

Have you considered Investor Insurance?

Because Fix-and-Flip houses do not fit into the molds of a typical Homeowners Policy, you need to shop around for a unique product designed especially for investors.

It will take several months to complete the renovations, causing it to sit Vacant.  You want an insurance policy that will protect you against perils while the property remains unoccupied, and such a policy does exist.

Fix and Flip Insurance Packages

APIA offers an investor insurance package designed for a portfolio of fix and flip houses.  The policy protects against perils, such as: fire, wind, hail, and vandalism.

Monthly reporting means you are able to add, cancel, and change properties frequently.  We bill monthly in arrears, allowing you to make updates as changes occur, and only pay for the days your property is reporting.

We pride ourselves in Customer Service; consequently, it is our mission to better educate our customers about Real Estate Investor Insurance.  Feel free to call our office to talk to a Licensed Agent today for more details.  If you’re ready to submit your application, visit our website to Get A Quote.

For more information on insurance coverage for vacant homes,  Call Us Now 1-877-752-2742

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