Insurance Options for Investment Property Risk Management

Insurance Options for Investment Property Risk Management

investment property risk managementBuying your own home is a fantastic achievement, and this goal is surpassed when you’re able to buy more properties at the same time. Managing multiple properties and building wealth is a goal for most Americans. However, have you considered what risks are involved in real estate investments? Have you thought about the issues that must be handled as a property owner? Landlord property insurance should be researched for investment property risk management to protect you from losses as a home investor.

Vacant Coverage

When you’re looking for property investor insurance, it’s important to match the structure’s situation to the coverage. You should look into vacant insurance which covers a property with no current tenants. This coverage applies to properties that have no contents such as furniture inside. If the property has contents and a loss of these items occurs, vacant insurance won’t cover them. The structure itself is solely covered. Read over the policy associated with vacant coverage to be sure the term isn’t being confused with unoccupied stipulations.

Liability Insurance Policies

For many investors, liability insurance coverage is a must when it comes to rental properties. For several weeks or months at a time, the home could be without tenants. Realistically, tenants become watchdogs for the property. Without tenants living in the home, it’s vulnerable to unwanted visitors. Liability coverage protects the investor from any claims brought on by trespassers. If anyone is injured on the property, the liability coverage protects you from financial turmoil.

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Rental-Income Loss

Part of investment property risk management is surviving the downturns in real-estate life. Your property may not have tenants for a period of time, which is typically normal for many investors if tenants are moving in and out. However, if one of your properties becomes damaged by storms or fire and the loss is severe, your tenants may not be able to remain in the home. When this happens, you will not be receiving the regular rental income from the tenant. As a solution, consider rental-income loss coverage. This coverage activates when long-term vacancies occur at your property due to a covered loss. Rental-income loss insurance keeps you financially afloat during many unexpected events.

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Flooding Options

Although your property may be nowhere near a body of water, flooding can occur at almost any location. Ask your insurance agent about adding on flood coverage as part of your property investor insurance. Other comprehensive policies don’t necessarily include flood damages. This specialized policy gives you a chance to dry out the home, replace necessary materials and recover financially from the damages. Without flood coverage, you must cover the damages out of pocket.

Investment Property Risk Management and Terrorism Amendments

Modern times have given rise to possible terrorist acts in almost any city around the country. Although the odds of a terrorist attack impacting your property are slim, you may want to consider it when the structure is near or surrounded by a big city. Damages to a nearby building can easily affect your property, which makes it uninhabitable until the repairs can be completed. Look for insurance policies that bundle coverage together. You might have terrorism protection along with vacant home insurance.

As your real-estate options multiply, so do the risks in real estate business. There are many types of property investor insurance coverage to choose from. Make sure your real estate risk management plan is in place. Find a provider that offers assistance with understanding the policies so you’re fully aware of what is covered and what isn’t. When a claim is necessary, you’ll have no questions about your coverage. In the end, investment property risk management will save you time, money and worry about your homes or businesses that you have invested in.

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