Don’t risk it, get insurance for your uninhabited property

Don’t risk it, get insurance for your uninhabited property

uninhabited home insurance

Don’t risk it, get insurance for your uninhabited property

Homeowners are accustomed to purchasing household insurance, including flood coverage so that their residence is secure in the event of an emergency. However, it’s critical to read these policies and their limitations. If homeowners aren’t living in the home, many policies void their coverage. The best way to avoid any household risks is by purchasing uninhabited property¬†insurance.

When uninhabited Home Insurance is Necessary

Purchase unoccupied home insurance whenever the property will be vacant for an extended amount of time. For example, the home will be vacant for at least one month before tenants move in. Although 4 weeks may seem like a short duration, unexpected events can easily occur within this time frame. It’s possible to purchase unoccupied home insurance for one month’s time so that homeowners don’t have to worry about potential loss.

Accidental Damage Situations

Homeowners may have carefully inspected the property before locking it up, but accidents can happen when no one is present. An electrical short within the walls might ignite a fire. Flooding from a heavy rainstorm could damage the flooring. If homeowners were at the property, they could have stopped these damages from occurring. However, fires and floods can take over a property that’s not occupied. Vacant insurance would cover these instances.

Intruder Coverage

Although the home may be empty, intruders might still break in. If those intruders hurt themselves anywhere on the property, they have the right to sue the homeowners for damages. Avoid any lawsuits by purchasing vacant property insurance. If a suit is brought against the homeowners, the insurance will cover some or all of the costs.

Costly Vandalism

When a home is unoccupied, vandalism can occur at the property. Graffiti, broken windows, and other damages make the property even more vulnerable to intruders and more vandalism. Take care of any property damage with unoccupied property insurance. Homeowners can hire contractors to take care of the damage without any out-of-pocket costs. Paying for damages without insurance is incredibly expensive. Because vandalism can happen at any time, it’s important to keep the insurance coverage until tenants are permanently moved in.

Read through every unoccupied home insurance policy that’s placed on a property each year, so that homeowners know exactly what is being covered. A properly worded vacant home insurance policy can protect homeowners from significant financial loss. In the end, it’s worth the extra monthly cost to pay for this insurance type.

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